In this place you can download most of the music I (505) did for the Atari demoscene and other projects during the past years. For more recent happenings you can have a look at the news section.


It took me a while but I am beginning to like the idea of netlabel distributed music more and more. You find download links to my recent netlabel related releases in the albums section. If time allows I will try to add compilations with MP3-recordings of my previously released music to this subsite later on.

Apart from that, most of my demoscene music can be downloaded in the original tracker formats. The files are available in various formats: AM, DTM, GT2 and FLX are Atari-formats and require an Atari Falcon for replay. Songs in MOD, MP3, SAP, SID format can be replayed easily on Atari and PC using adequate replayers or Winamp-plugins. Decent Atari-replayers are available at the Dead Hackers Society homepage. For YM-chipmusic the SND-Player is most likely the best choice. On Windows you can use JAM.


to the people who share the passion of Atari and Demoscene, especially those who are still activly doing music or music software. Special thanks to Evil/DHS for helping with HTML, PHP and SQL as well as to GGN for fixing the RSS-feed. The logo on the top has been originally drawn by modmate/checkpoint and was re-rendered as 3D-model by Dan/Paradox. The lovely video game console pixelart was drawn by Exocet/checkpoint. Thanks for that, too.


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