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year title format comment
2013 Chase sndMonogAtari by Cerebral Vortex
2013 Nightlore sap (mp3)Silly Venture Pokey music compo (2nd)
2013 Raptor Formation amSilly Venture Falcon music compo (1st)
2013 Relix sndRelix by DHS & Paradox
2013 STrange RoboTS sndSTrange RoboTS by BLaBla
2013 (1996) trancy modPictures of Atarian Grey by Offscreen Wide
2013 Metri sapMetri by HAR
2013 (2003) Blazing (without digidrums) sndRiverside by DHS
2013 (2003) Blazing (original digi version) sndRiverside by DHS
2013 (1998) Resist (4ch version) modFull Circle: Rocketeer by Reboot
2013 Blinking Panda sapAnimals on Atari by Desire
2013 Blinking Panda sapAnimals on Atari by Desire / Outline 2013 msx compo (4th)
2013 Helicops - title sap (mp3)Helicops by Fandal/Raster
2013 Revision 2013 invite sapThis is Revision by Squoquo
2013 Fireworks sapFireworks by Creature XL (NYD 2013)
2012 Arigato sapDemo Arigato by Squoquo
2012 Falcon Memento mod (mp3)Protracker tribute to classic Atari Falcon demoscene music by Stax, Tommy, Djamm and Front6, released in the demo 2x1287 by Paradox
2012 Gumbreaker amSilly Venture Falcon music compo (2nd)
2012 Modintro sndChasey by Checkpoint (intro music)
2012 Mutative sndcoop. with Michu, Silly Venture YM-music compo (1st)

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