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year title format comment
2005 CPU-Eater sndOutline 2004 chipmusic compo (1st)
2005 gloomy sndPenta by Paradize
2005 jingle01 sndPenta by Paradize
2005 loop01 sndPenta by Paradize
2005 smiley sndPenta by Paradize
2005 sweet sndPenta by Paradize
2005 sequences 2005 snddemosong for maxYMiser by gwEm
2005 hybrid sndDHS 20-years gfx screen
2005 fullscreen diggin' sndDHS 20-years screen by Paradox
2005 Dosk sndDHS 20-years ST compo (2nd)
2005 Pacemaker sndPacemaker by Paradox
2005 mist sndParacon 7 initro by Paradox
2005 the old days mt2scenemusic.net mt2-compo
2005 8x8 Hero snd (mp3)tYMewarp by YM-Rockerz
2004 blocks am (mp3)10 years DHS online compo (12th)
2004 Treshold am (mp3)10 years DHS online compo (2th)
2004 Leave my ship am (mp3)10 years DHS online compo (4th)
2004 Gipsy Queen am (mp3)10 years DHS online compo (5th)
2004 smooth am (mp3)10 years DHS online compo (6th)
2004 dazed am (mp3)Dazed by Evolution

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