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Flextrax modules (FLX)
year title format comment
2011 Speed030 flxSilly Venture Falcon music compo (1st)
2003 away (huelse) flx (mp3)EIL3 multichannel compo (1st)
2001 Soulcry flxParacon 3 musiccompo (1st)
2001 Lachlach flxEIL2 multichannel compo (1st)
2000 If you were me.. flx (mp3)demosong for FlexTrax v0.9 by New Beat
2000 Overdrive flx (mp3)demosong for FlexTrax v0.9 by New Beat
2000 Bierteer flxUnconventional 2K trackermusic compo (1st)
2000 Stupid Tyskie flx (mp3)SV2K multichannel compo (1st)
1999 Flyflyfly flxfading-twilight
1999 Free flx (mp3)PMP99 multichannel compo (1st)
1999 Heat flxEIL99 multichannel compo (1st)
NA Cybergoz flxnone
NA Let it burn flxnone
NA Memorial flxnone
NA Ode to Delphin pizza flxnone
NA pacific flxnone
NA Spring flxnone
NA synthpopmixbitch flxnone
NA Weird minds flxnone
NA Wings flx (mp3)none

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