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Miscellaneous formats
year title format comment
2008 lemoon xmAltparty 1-channel compo (2nd)
2008 Morphonic Lab End ptkMorphonic Lab.VI by Checkpoint
2006 loopa! xm (mp3)Masterblaster 2006 by meili
2005 Ripoff tao-msEpisode666 by DHS
2005 scheintal asgscheintal by Mostly Harmless
2005 the old days mt2scenemusic.net mt2-compo
2004 arping xmsHighResMode by Paradox
NA Madtracker test mt2none
NA Banjo man v2m (mp3)none
NA geekcamp v2m (mp3)none
NA metro v2m (mp3)none
NA no exit v2m (mp3)none
NA that way v2m (mp3)none
NA bunny xmsnone
NA Para4con xmsnone
NA Rums xmsnone

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