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Recordings & PC productions (MP3)
year title format comment
2013 Nightlore mp3 (sap)Silly Venture Pokey music compo (2nd)
2013 Helicops - title mp3 (sap)Helicops by Fandal/Raster
2012 Falcon Memento mp3 (mod)Protracker tribute to classic Atari Falcon demoscene music by Stax, Tommy, Djamm and Front6, released in the demo 2x1287 by Paradox
2012 Quickshot mp3 (sap)coop. with Michu, Silly Venture Pokey music compo (2nd)
2012 Deary mp3Deary by SquoQuo
2012 Jordgubbar Memories mp3 (am)Sommarhack 2012 music compo (1st)
2012 Reshoot mp3 (mod)Degz by Reboot
2012 Revision 2012 mp3 (snd)Revision 2012 invite by Checkpoint
2012 Memory Vice mp3 (sap)Intro 2012 by Taquart
2011 Dashed off mp3 (sap)Silly Venture Pokey music compo (3rd)
2011 Shazz YM6channel mp3 (snd)2xYM2149 experiment by Shazz
2011 the drop mp3Outline streaming music compo (3rd)
2010 Blazing Wings mp3 (am)Blazing Wings Bonus Level
2009 Cubes mp3 (snd)Cubes, ribbons and 3D flybys by Paradox
2009 Visual Unity mp3 (snd)Visual Unity by Orion_
2009 ephonk mp3Bitjam remix compo 2 (11th)
2009 Cernit trandafir (original version) mp3Cernit trandafir by DHS
2009 egzacutable mp3 (am)Outline 32kb executable music compo (2nd)
2009 zamba mp3Outline streaming music compo (5th)
2008 Bitjam Jingle 01 mp3Bitjam by Bitfellas

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