Atari resources

ASMAAtari SAP Archive
CheckpointAtari ST demogroup
CreamJAM - Atari-music player for Windows
Dead Hackers SocietyAtari demoscene central
New Beatmakers of Flextrax and ACE tracker
ParadoxAtari STE demogroup
PHFgreat crackers and rippers
SNDH-Archivethe one and only music archive
SND-PlayerAtari chiptune player
YesCrewhome of GEMPlay

Atari musicians

Dma-ScFrench Atari chipmusician
gwEmhome of gwEm and maxYMiser tracker
LotekStyleLoteks music
STUthe rhythms of STU
TimbralSwedish Atari musician
XiAnorthern multitalent Excellence in Art
YM-RockerzAtari ST chipmusicians united

Demoscene resources

BitfellasForum, Bitjam Radio & Artcity
NectarineDemoscene Radio
Pouet.netDemoscene Database
Scene.orgDemoscene Archive


8bitpeoples8-Bit music netlabel
Chiptunes=Winthe yearly chiptune compilation
Enough Recordsfree and manifold music
II PauseChiptune and gamemusic netlabel
PhonocakeElectronica netlabel from Saxony
Pxl-BotChipmusic oriented netlabel from UK
Ubiktunenetlabel distributing chippy music

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