21. February 2015
New chip release, no wait, old chip release!

A selection of tracks from the Atari ST music demo "Relix" from 2013 was released via the free netlabel Enough Records. Thank you very much for this! The original music demo includes plenty of unreleased tunes and drafts composed on the YM2149 soundchip (Atari ST and Falcon) during the period of 1996-2013.

If you like to watch the production on a real Atari ST computer you can download the demo here.

However, my demoscene groupmate Dan requested mp3-files for some of the tracks and decided to preveniently create these cover graphics for an according chiptune compilation. Dan, thank you, too! So, here you go with a selection of 37 songs from the Atari music demo.

The songs were recorded from Atari Falcon 030 audio output. Download is possible via Enough records or Bandcamp. Enjoy!

19. February 2015
Ok, I got a bit busy (lazy)

... so that I am a bit behind with updates. During the last months I contributed to a few demoscene productions, such as the Atari ST music demo "Relix" by DHS & Paradox or a little intro called "Small men with old devices" by Squoquo for Atari XL/XE (videos see below).

Apparently, I also delivered some music for a couple of Jaguar games by Reboot, but do not exactly remember which. Another nice occasion to get a bit back into 4-channel tracking was a PC-browser demo for Revision 2013 by the oldschool group Hemoroids from France. Anyway, recent demoscene songs should be added here step by step rather soon hopefully.

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