21. February 2015
New chip release, no wait, old chip release!

A selection of tracks from the Atari ST music demo "Relix" from 2013 was released via the free netlabel Enough Records. Thank you very much for this! The original music demo includes plenty of unreleased tunes and drafts composed on the YM2149 soundchip (Atari ST and Falcon) during the period of 1996-2013.

If you like to watch the production on a real Atari ST computer you can download the demo here.

However, my demoscene groupmate Dan requested mp3-files for some of the tracks and decided to preveniently create these cover graphics for an according chiptune compilation. Dan, thank you, too! So, here you go with a selection of 37 songs from the Atari music demo.

The songs were recorded from Atari Falcon 030 audio output. Download is possible via Enough records or Bandcamp. Enjoy!

19. February 2015
Ok, I got a bit busy (lazy)

... so that I am a bit behind with updates. During the last months I contributed to a few demoscene productions, such as the Atari ST music demo "Relix" by DHS & Paradox or a little intro called "Small men with old devices" by Squoquo for Atari XL/XE (videos see below).

Apparently, I also delivered some music for a couple of Jaguar games by Reboot, but do not exactly remember which. Another nice occasion to get a bit back into 4-channel tracking was a PC-browser demo for Revision 2013 by the oldschool group Hemoroids from France. Anyway, recent demoscene songs should be added here step by step rather soon hopefully.

24. April 2014
New album release - Sturmwind Kondensat

Sturmwind Kondensat is a selection of songs from the soundtrack for Sturmwind - a beautiful side-scrolling shooter released for the Sega Dreamcast console in 2013. The game was developed by Duranik - a small German indie game developer originating from the Atari scene.

Some trivia:
The game was in development for many years and also the work on the game music started already back in 2006. In fact, these were some of my first attemps of music production on a modern PC appyling some more advanced audio software. As to be expected, I was very enthusiastic regarding all the technical possibilites. Being used to the limited capabilities of Atari computers until then, an overusage of modern technical features such as reverb & delay effects or filtering was a must! Of course, I had not the slightest idea about mixing and mastering as well.

About 5 years later, when I already assumed the game was cancelled, Duranik suddenly reported the game to be finished soon. This was a fantastic surprise and I happily digged out the old material and recreated the soundtrack almost completely.

According to a kind game review the game music represents - and I admit this first was a bit shocking for me - a 1995-esque atmosphere all the way through. But after a few moments, I actually had to confirm for myself that this is pretty true and was actually intended right from the start. The music was strongly oriented at what impressed me during my youth (be it the demoscene or outstanding bands like Prodigy, LFO, FSOL or game soundtracks like the one of Tempest 2000 on Atari Jaguar) - which all happened to be right in the mid-90s. So, get prepared for a trip back into the times of oldschool techno, rave and well - chiptune! Seems as I will never get rid of this! :)

┬╗Sturmwind Kondensat┬ź aggregates the game tracks I personally like the most. To spice it up, you will find some bonus material. Enjoy and have a nice spring time! Download via Bandcamp.

08. March 2014
Little page update

So I finally uploaded a bunch of my Sillyventure 2013 music releases to the website, particularly the Atari Falcon and Atari Pokey compo musics. Evil/DHS made a video of the Falcon ACE Tracker contribution (Thanks!)

and here is a Soundcloud link for the Atari 8-bit Pokey track called Nightlore.

In the demo department I contributed the soundtrack to a lovely strange Atari STE called "STrange RoboTS" demo by the fantastic french demomakers BLaBla. The song was done in maxYMiser and makes use of the Zync and DMA-sample features - both so handy stuff for demo development, gwEm! Regarding visuals, this STE-prod feels more like a Falcon demo, I am really impressed, also designwise.

Also Orion_/Cerbral Vortex striked back with an innovative and very moody prod for the Atari ST monochrome mode (640x400, two colors) and I supported him with a little and dusty Sidsound Designer track. Have a look at the video below if you like.

The respective music files can be found at the Files section. More stuff will follow later!

20. November 2013
Sillyventure 2013 - Atari explosion ahead!

Back from this huge Atari demoparty! It is reported that about 170 people attended which makes this just the biggest Atari event since ages. As in previous years the Polish Atariscene event took place in the sportshall of a Gdansk school and was full of events and special features. I am convinced the whole party scope and aura will be adequately covered by subsequent reports elsewhere. Speaking of it, a new issue of the British Mag! - magazine was just released at Sillyventure, also comprehensively reporting on the 2012 edition! Check it right here!

Sillyventure 2013 - The entrance to the party place

However, the Sillyventure 2013 edition was a strong successor of previous editions. It was a perfect mixture of new events, contributions and people and likewise things known and appreciated from previous years like the video greetings, limousine trip (ending up in a club with Ultrasyd on stage and a dancing crowd, yeah), food services (even improved since last year with things like spontanous night pizzas for everyone during the compos!), Lothareks technique & solder corner, free beer all over, party T-shirt and poster and much more - traditions like that make you feel home easily.

Lothareks corner with tons of Atari devices

Overview of the party hall on Sunday afternoon

For me it was specially great to meet many fellows from previous editions and also known faces from rather long time ago which is a rare opportunity these days. Additionally, I could speak to a number of people I only knew by their Atari productions up to now. For instance, I had the chance to chat with Atari 8-bit demomakers like Bober from the great Masters of Electric City - I always loved their different approaches to demomaking or String/Agenda and Wieczor/Lamers - both appreciated Atari XL/XE musicians who contributed to many great and recent Atari demos. I also had some really great music techtalks about various bits with gwEm, Ultrasyd and Front6, interesting especially from a chipmusicians point of view. Also, some new cooperation plans came suddenly out of the night. Anyway, great guys to meet all over! :)

The Knight Rider of the Atari XL/XE series - it is the machine of Drygol

Obviously (see the Sillyventure 2013 download page hosted by DHS.NU, the party featured killer compos regarding both amount of entries and quality. The compo night on Sunday was just overwhelming, a marathon, truely exhaustive as it ran for about 9 hours after all! Spreading the compos on two nights, as originally planned, would certainly help to avoid a compo overdose.

The compo scenery on Saturday, taken from the corner with the free beer :)

But as much power as the compo watching took, from an Atarisceners point of view how could one complain about too many releases! Previous SV editions were spectacular and this one was the climax up to now. I do not know when I last time felt that the Atariscene is going that strong, be it on 8-bit or 16/32-bit systems. Greetings and thanks to all the contributors and visitors who made this possible! No more lamenting about the approaching death of the scene, but pure vitality, creativity, enthusiasm - the way it is known from e.g. the C64-scene and the way I hoped it to be like for the Atariscene :)

All this was once again initiated and dedicatevily arranged by Grey/Mystic Bytes and his great team, namely AdamK, Piter, Pinokio, Yerzymey and the ones I forgot. Thanks a bunch for this opportunity!

PS: An update on my Sillyventure music contributions should follow soon right here. Greetings and see you next year in Gdansk, hopefully!

29. October 2013
Heli in the Caves for Atari XL/XE

Recently the Atari 8-bit game "Heli in the Caves" by HAR (code: Creature XL, graphics: Flash and Exin) was released for ABBUC software contest 2013. Doing music for this game was a bit of a challenge as only 3 out of 4 Pokey channels could be used (one channel was reserved for the game SFX). Implementing SFX in the game was once again very easy, as the great Raster Music Tracker routines feature full support for an uncomplicated triggering of instruments as sound effects.

However, there are 3 sub-musics included: the main ingame theme, a little shop theme and a title screen track which is just a variant of the ingame music. The game itself is pretty fun, a mixture of strategical cave exploring helicopter game (oh, I am having it with heli-games atm it seems) and a bit of sidescrolling shmup (ah well and with shmups as well). As the sound in the gameplay video above is really distorted, here is a proper soundcloud link to the main tune:

You can get the respective music file (SAP) here. Greetings!

11. July 2013
Atari refreshments

Some brief update on the Atari side of life!

Reboot released their latest Atari Jaguar action shooting game "Full Circle: Rocketeer" via Retrogaming publisher RGCD. It is a simple game with a straight gameplay principle: shoot :)

The music is actually a rather old techno track, I did on my beloved Atari STE back in 1998.

Apart from that, Matthias Domin aka mdgames released Impulse X for Atari Jaguar - an Arkanoid clone that was originally released by Duranik on Atari Falcon 030. So far, it is released on CD, but a module version is planned to follow more or less soon. The musics are also rather old and in classic Protracker format. I did them about 10 years ago, originally intended for puzzler Clicks! which I think is not finished so far. However, here is a gameplay video:

On the demoscene side, there is not very much news. Last Sommarhack party took place in Sweden this June and Dead Hackers Society was in sudden need for a Atari ST chiptune for a 64kb intro. As there were only a couple of days to go, we had to use an old unreleased and unspectacular Trisound track that is lying on my harddrive since about a decade now (no usage of timer effects allowed, so I had to replace the digidrums with YM-sounds). The intro effects are pure joy however, so that I wish there were more time for a proper soundtrack. Anyway, you can have a look at the intro here.

Rather fresh stuff was released for last Outline demoparty however in a collaboration prod with Taquart and multiplatform group DESiRE. "Animals on Atari" is a small two part intro for Atari XL/XE and to be precise, a final version is currently still beeing worked on and should be out any day (haha). It is coded by Heaven/Taquart and features very nice graphics by Alien. As mostly in recent times, the musics were done in Raster Music Tracker. The first tune also entered into Outline music compo (4th), however I am specially happy with the sweetness of the second "Blinking Panda" tune.

25. April 2013
Sturmwind finally released!

After all, the long awaited Sturmwind for Sega Dreamcast got released on April 24th. The shooter was developed by Duranik, well known for their developing efforts on Atari Jaguar and Lynx. I got involved in the project back in 2006 and worked on the music right back then. During the following years it got silent around the project and I actually assumed the project was cancelled, but was proven wrong in 2011 when the game was suddenly mostly complete - and looked just gorgeous! So I started to rework the soundtrack completely and was awaiting the release of the game since - even got a Dreamcast about two years ago to actually be able to play it myself:)

So, time to blow the dust off the Dreamcast and give it a go. Sturmwind is distributed by the publisher Redspotgames and comes along in a nice Limited Edition as well. This one includes an Audio CD of the soundtrack called "The Final Score". You will find many ingame tracks and special edits as well as a number of unsued Sturmwind tracks. More on this subject later on!

25. April 2013
Helicops - for Atari XL/XE

At last Silly Venture party I had a chat with Fandal about an Atari XL/XE multiplayer game he is trying to get finished and which still lacked music and sound effects. The game supports the Atari XL/XE multijoy device and was originally started by Radek Sterba (Raster) who sadly passed away last year. Fandal was about to finish the project together with Adam Wachowski who worked on the graphics.

The title music and sfx were both created in Raster Music Tracker which allows to trigger sounds (instruments) directly from the replay code - very practical for game sfx. However, if you have a multijoy device you can download the game here and give it a try. Hope you enjoy these remains of the incredibly creative Atarian Raster. Looking forward to play Helicops myself at some upcoming party!

18. January 2013
Silly Venture round up - Hello 2013

[article temporarily killed or so]

03. November 2012
New album - "Interlude"

So finally, two years after my first full album "Cirrus", I just released my new PC produced album "Interlude". In contrary to previous releases, this album now integrates both Atari chip music elements and more recent soundscapes, so what platform could be better for a release as the fabulous netlabel Ubiktune. If you listen more or less carefully you should spot a plenty of undercover Pokey an YM-sounds :)

The work on Interlude started during an extensive stay in Nest Hostel Tbilisi back in summer 2011. There, I also met Heinz Rossi with whom I shared a good couple of water melons and who is also responsible for the beautiful cover art - thank you very much once again!

02. September 2012
Deary by SquoQuo - new Atari 8 bit demo

SquoQuo released a new demo for Atari XL/XE at Demodays party last weekend, full of nice ideas, transitions and love put to details. For the music, SquoQuo asked for something different regarding sounddesign, so I left the melodic shore and went a bit experimental - and yet again, Raster music tracker with its great example patches was a perfect start for this.

08. August 2012
Tribute to Jack Tramiel

A new Atari STE-chiptrack was released in Paradox' invitation demo for the Silly Venture 2012 party in Gdansk, Poland. Both, the event and the demo are a tribute to Jack Tramiel - the man behind the Atari ST, C64 and other machines from the classic home computing era.

On the technical side, the song was created in maxYMiser and uses the STE native mode (1-Channel DMA). While this is nothing special, I worked a bit on a kind of new soft sounding and flexible lead instrument and really like how it turned out :)

02. July 2012
New food for the Jaguar - Degz by Reboot

At this years Sommarhack the Atari Jaguar developers Reboot released a new Jaguar game: Degz - a conversion of the classic arcade shooter "Scramble" from 1981 which showcases their Jaguar development libary Raptor.

The music making made me go back into 4-channel MOD tracking after quite some years - and it is still a lot of fun. However, the sample quality is pretty naughty as I tried to sqeeze filesize down to less then 90 kb for whatever reason and as the song features some finetuned effect commands, the U-235 module player had to be updated in the process as well. You can download the game for free at the Reboot website.

02. July 2012
Music compo entry at Sommarhack 2012

There is a video recording of my winning entry from the Sommarhack 2012 music compo. A lot of thanks go to Evil/DHS for putting this up.

The song itself is a pure 4-channel softsynth piece created in the beloved ACE tracker for Atari Falcon - what a tool on what a machine :)

07. May 2012
Soundtrack Preview for Sturmwind

Recently, I put out a preview of the game soundtrack for Sturmwind on Soundcloud. Sturmwind is a spaceship shooter for the Sega Dreamcast developed by Duranik. This team came a long road from Atari ST, Falcon, Jaguar and Lynx (maybe you remember Impulse, Native Demo or Alpine Games). Now, after about six years of development this game is hopefully beeing released soon.

Sturmwind Soundtrack Preview by five-o-five

The music preview is a 9-minute mix of different ingame level musics and parts of the soundtrack coming with the special edition audio CD. Hope you enjoy, more information on the game release will follow soon, hopefully.

12. April 2012
hYMns - Chiptune Album released on Pxl-Bot

Today the british netlabel Pxl-Bot put out a compilation of my Atari chiptunes. It contains ten pieces of YM-2149 chipmusic which were created on Atari ST/STE during the years 2000 and 2011 for different demoscene productions.

Some "tech" talk: early tunes were composed using the good old Sidsound Designer or Musicmon. The more recent tracks were primarily created within gwEms brilliant maxYMiser chocolate chip manufactory. Audio recording was performed with real hardware. You can hear a mix of different recording pathways, though. Atari STE was used for most songs with STE-specific elements. "Monitorout" turned out to provide best results here. Other songs were recorded from Atari Falcon 030, using the DSP-SPDIF option which has the advantage of lossless audio and the disadvantage of excluding the serious load of hardware noise and distortion, which can be regarded as a feature of these good old machines. Finally, some additional EQing was applied here and there.

The stunning cover art was created by Dan/Paradox, basing on original YM-2149 hardware sheets. Thank you for this splendid illustration of the compilation!

Ok, for now you can listen and download the album at Pxl-Bot or Bandcamp and read the full infotext here. I hope you enjoy the Pralines :)

03. April 2012
Atari ST invitation for Revision Party 2012

Checkpoint just released an Atari ST invitation demo for Revision party 2012. As with most recent Checkpoint productions, we used an adapted music replayer which allows to use the original Sidsound Designer editor for song and sound editing. After a couple of conversion steps, the songs can be used with Defjams speed & size-optimized replayer. On the downside, it replays the song wrong ;) So, for those interested in the orginal sound here is the SND and the MP3 of the track, respectively.

01. January 2012
New year, new tune

Since about five years there is a nice tradition on Atari 800 XL/XE. Around New Year a number of greeting screens are gathered by Starsoft Berlin and then released as a compilation. For the New Years Disc 2012 I contributed with a 4-channel Pokey tune for a nice shadebobs screen coded by Heaven/Taquart and pixelled by Ooz/Agenda. The music was created in Raster Music tracker and was originally supposed to refer to the Miami Vice/Grand Theft Auto - Vice city intro music stlye, as some likewise effects were initially planned, but had to be postponed. Anyway, enjoy and have a happy new year 2012!

20. December 2011
Downfall for Atari Falcon 030

Atari Jaguar Game developers Reboot released the Falcon version of Downfall - a jump 'n' run game, literally. The game features great graphic packages, applicable dependent on the Falcon memory specifications and a couple of interesting game modes to discover.

At last Outline Party in june I was already able to play the Jaguar version (Oh, and I will try again to win that beer next year, GGN!:) and I have to say that the gameplay is really addictive, or even meditative. Time to place my Falcon back to the place it deserves.

As time was short, I only contributed with an old unused Protracker module in electro style as level music. Next time, I hope to find time for fresh material.

As a side note, parts of the melody are identical with the soundtrack I did earlier on for the "Moving into Darkness" demo by Dead Hackers Society. Actually, I remember the odd moment around 9 years ago while composing this song, when I finally realized why the lead melody seemed so familiar to me:)

02. December 2011
Back from Silly Venture

Silly Venture 2011 took place this november in Gdansk, Poland. It was an amazing event with great people and outstanding releases. It is really worth to glance at the party productions, such as this colorshocking Atari ST demo by Blala, this fantastic Atari Pokey tune by BeWu or all those impressive graphic releases among many other things.

For the compos, I worked on several contributions. On Atari XL/XE I entered with a 8-channel Pokey tune named "Dashed off". It was created in Raster Music Tracker for a change. At the party itself I finished an old FlexTrax song on Atari Falcon (see files) which was last time edited about 10 years ago. After all these years, I still love to use this tracker and this machine! Thanks to Delta and Yerzymey for providing the setup!

On the more contemporary side of creations I contributed to new releases by Paradox, Checkpoint and Live!

For this 4 KB intro, Defjam developed a completely new size optimized sound routine. It even includes SID-effect and Sidsound Designer pattern and instrument data structure converters. After all, a special sequencer table provides the possibliity to change pitch and volume of the separate tracks to reduce memory consumption.

This is an Atari ST-demo by Ukko/Live! The music was done in Sidsound Designer. During the process a lot of music adjustments and effect changes were necessary to get the final tradeoff between music and effects, synchronized the way they are.

SV2011 is a spontanous Atari STE-demo put together in about two weeks. The music was done in maxYMiser and uses one out of three YM-channels for timer effects plus one additional channel as STE-native mode sample replay.

05. November 2011
Atari 8-bit Pokey chipmusic compilation

Today a compilation of Atari XL/XE Pokey chiptunes has been released on the great chiptune oriented netlabel Pause. It includes 14 tunes that I composed throughout the last 10 years.

The stunning coverart origins from the Atari XL/XE picture "eLFi" by Ooz/Agenda which won the Atari graphics competion at Forever Party 2009. Still today, I am impressed by this artwork and the more happy I am to spread it together with my tunes. Thanks again, Ooz! Some more artwork was performed by NE7/Triad who quickly designed an ASCII-Logo for the infotext. Thank you very much!

As written elsewhere, I intend to release more of such chiptune compilations in the future. The upcoming compilations will include YM-chiptunes recorded from Atari STE. To spice it up a bit, there will also be previously unreleased tracks added to each release.

For now, enjoy the Pokey Love (or not;) and if you feel like it, read more about this compilation in the infotext.

28. October 2011
6-channel experiment on Atari ST

Earlier this year I made a little testsong for a hardware project by Shazz/TRSI. He is working on a device which can model two Yamaha 2149 chips at once. So a test tune was required to check the sound quality of this simulator.

505 - Shazz YM6channel by five-o-five

It is a quick experiment created in gwEms maxymiser and consists of two songfiles which represent the left and right channel of the recording. For technical reasons it does not use any timer effects. Also, the potential of "stereo effects" with this setup is really high and tempting, but was not explored here at all. Maybe next time.

The music was recorded separately from Atari ST and afterwards joined into one audio file using Audacity. The little up & down-stairs part of the melody was inspired from the introsequence bassline of the epic Talktalk 2 by Excellence in Art (Hope you are well, mate!).

30. September 2011
Atari ST Invitation for Morphonic Lab 10

A rather old noise chiptune was released in the latest Checkpoint production - an Atari ST invitation for the audio-visual performance Morphonic Lab 10. The invitation features some massively optimized music replayer code for Sidsound Designer tunes by Defjam and nice visual effects. The music itself can be downloaded in two versions (Stress & No Stress) in the files section.

The video recording of the invitation is available here.

11. September 2011
Sommarhack Atari chipmusic video available

By courtesy of DHS the music entry of the recent Sommarhack party appeared as a video on youtube. Enjoy!

07. August 2011
Music entries from Outline and Sommarhack 2011

Just uploaded my contributions for those lovely Atari events. At Outline party two musiccompo entries and two demomusics were released. The (emergency) music for the demo Natrium by RNO is an old leftover Triplex tune done almost a decade ago whereas the music for the demo Blue Period by Paradox was produced at the party itself. Furthermore you will find the entries for the oldschool (see SND) and newschool (MP3) music compos.

At Sommarhack party I entered the music compo with another party production (SND) and XiA/Checkpoint used one of my old unreleased SSD-tracks for a nice slideshow on the event named Report 2011.

07. April 2011
Back with YM-Rockerz!

cover artwork by TimbralFinally, after five years the chiptune band YM-Rockerz are back with a new Atari chipmusic demo. The production called "Seven" is published both as Atari ST/E demo on the YM-Rockerz website and as netlabel release 8BP119 on 8bitpeoples. The coverart you can see on the left was done by Timbral. Download the SND-file of my contribution on the SND subsite.

20. March 2011
More Pokeytunes

The polish Atari group Agenda released the first issue of the chart magazine "Chartari" for Atari XL/XE. It features articles mostly in polish language, great graphics (like the pic above by Ooz/Agenda) and two Pokey tunes I did during the last months of the past year using MusicProtracker, as usual. You can download the SAP-files here.

06. February 2011
New Atari musics

Back from the great Silly Venture 2010 Atari party in Gdansk, Poland. A new ACE tracker tune called "Synthpop" was released for Atari Falcon 030 (AM). On Atari ST new musics have been released within demos by Paradox and Checkpoint and in the YM-music compo (SND).

On Atari 8-Bit two songs were released within the new demo Silly Things by JAC! which ranked first in the Atari XL/XE compo. Another Atari 8-bit chiptune was released in the Pokey compo (see SAP). Another Pokey tune was fastly done for a new screen by Heaven/Taquart called Intro 2010 which missed the deadline and was used in the Atari XL/XE New Years Disc 2011 instead, along with some other old unreleased Pokey tunes.

30. November 2010
Cirrus released

505 - Cirrus

Finally, my first PC produced album named "Cirrus" got released on the wonderful electronic music netlabel Phonocake. Download and read more on the actual release page and enjoy.

05. November 2010
An update!

After 30 months its time for a site update and news roundup :) During the last years a lot of chiptunes and samples were released within Atariscene prods, mainly by Checkpoint, DHS and Paradox. Though, a couple of tunes still have to be recorded and will be put here later on. Apart from that some older MOD-files that were supposed to be used in an Atari Jaguar game were finally used in (another) Atari Jaguar Game - Project One by the one and only Reboot. An Atari Falcon ACE tracker tune was done for the bonus level of the PC (blasphemy!) remake of Wings of Death, named Blazing Wings.

Another ACE-tracker song has been released in the Outline 2009 music 32kb music compo. Also a crappy but challening XM has been done for the Alternative Party 1-channel module compo back in 2008 and there is a remix of Mobys classic Elekfunk for the Bitfellas remix compo 2. Finally, JAC! used some of my older Atari 8-bit Pokey chiptunes for some intros, which also made me set up my XL/XE again. Another new Pokey tune was released in the Sillyventure 2010 invitation. More is to come :)

07. February 2008
Latest additions

Some recent jingles and musics from various releases (MP3, SND, SAP, AM) added. One of the YM-tunes from the Blubbersongs chipmusic disk was broadcasted on MTV Italy in a wonderful gameshow opener by video artist Cedomir Pakusevskij.

23. August 2007
New songs added.

The two contributions for the Bitfellas musicdisk can be found in the mp3 section.

27. May 2007
News songs added.

Added a bunch of Atari ST chipmusics as well as a couple of other songs (mod, sid and some mp3s) that were released during the past half year.

14. November 2006
Beta-version of the website finished.

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